Cuban oncologists comment

Mariela Garcia

Dr. Mariela Garcia, head of the Labiafam clinical laboratories:

We studied the mode of the action on the epithelium tumor cells of man carefully and profoundly. The low concentrations of the natural extract brought about programmed cell apoptosis through mitochondrial destabilization of the internal mitochondrial membrane.
These results gave the first experimental proof of the use of the venom for therapeutic purposes  and of the mode of action, causing considerable damage to the development and metastasizing of the tumors.

FabioDr. Fabio de Hesus Linares, leader of the team that found “Vidatox” natural product:

We studied the farmacosurveillance – a type of a study of a series of cases of 2261 patients diagnosed with 33 types of malign diseases who voluntarily offered their participation in the Medical Services of LABIOFAM Entrepreneurial Group.
After the start of  VIDATOX, in more than 70% of the patients assessed, a favourable course of the treatment was observed, their functional capacity increased, the pain was relieved or disappeared.

Nudis ZamoraDr. Njudis Zamora, a leading Cuban specialist in tumor formations in the cranium in children and adolescents:

An objective tumor response was observed in the greater number of the younger patients- a diminished  dimension of the tumor of up to 64.2%. Progression /growth/ of the tumor was found in only 7.4% of the patients, in all the remaining patients a good and significant positive effect was noted. A considerable improvement of the quality of life of the children was found, they were able to return to their daily school activities. In some cases these were children who were already immobile and in a wheelchair.

DomingezDr. Maria Dominguez, immunologist and oncologist-a specialist in breast cancer:

Everything that my colleagues said explains the effect of the poison of the blue scorpion. All together, the qualities of the peptides of this poison gave and give results  showing that  the peptides are perspective for the development of a new anti-tumor product interfering in the angiogenesis, the survival of the cells and the apoptosis in the development of the cancer.
“Vidatox” plays a very important role in the patients in remission /the so-called already ex-oncopatients/ who are considered healthy people who have passed through all the stages of treatment – operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment/. For them “Vidatox” is the keeper which will fight the relapse of the cancer.