How VIDATOX® plus fights the cancer cells?

The tumor needs feeding to grow

In the picture above you may see why the cancer cells grow quickly and in what way the tumor grows quickly– it is graphically shown how the malign cells eat up the surrounding healthy cells and how quickly the tumor may grow, assimilating the surrounding normal tissue.

The growth of the tumor /in this case this is a transversal cut of lung cancer/ exerts pressure on the surrounding nerves, in this way causing pain  in the region of the lungs. The good supply with blood vessels, which bring everything necessary, is characteristic for the normal tissues.  Growing, the tumor formation assimilates the circulatory system and it turns into its constant feeder with blood – this process is called formation of new blood vessels, which go directly to and already work for the tumor formation.

VIDATOX ® plus – formation of new blood vessels

VIDATOX ® plus blocks and interrupts the formation of new blood vessels for the tumor formation.

The five protein peptides, contained in the venom of the blue scorpion, play the role of the nib piercing through the malign cells– these cells adhere closely to the malign formation /they have the amazing selectiveness not to be “interested” in any other cells of the human body/. The blood vessels feeding the tumor formation are blocked and so is the ability of the malign formation to form new blood vessels and its feeding, and a process begins of gradual attacking, decomposing and shrinking of this formation.

Alongside with this VIDATOX ® plus helps the support and the enhancement of the immune system of the patient, presenting the possibility of the healthy cells to assume greater resisting force.

VIDATOX ® plus helps strengthen the human organism

The image on the last clinical graphic shows an initial process of restoration of the benign cells and a slow diminishing and disappearing of the formation.

The studies at this stage also show considerable strengthening of the immune system during the experimental tests and observations both of experimental animals and after that of the condition of patients – volunteers, to whom the solution of the blue scorpion has been administered. At this point the other components of VIDATOX ® plus, which have anti-inflammatory and anaesthetizing effect, already appear. As a whole the body enters a stage of remission.